Payehub is concerned about the soaring cigar industry ever since the Cuba trading restrictions were turned flexible. Availing a merchant account worth high quality often proves to be a big challenge for tobacco merchants as their industry reflects a higher risk potential than many contemporary industries. Payehub tobacco merchant accounts are customized to meet your specific needs.

This is the time for tobacco startups to drop their anchor and break into the tobacco industry. Likewise it’s high time for those small merchants that are looking forward to expand. You may apply for your merchant account with us at no extra cost. If you’re looking for e-cigarette processing solutions, you may check out any of our e-cigarette merchant accounts.

Acquire More Knowledge on Tobacco Merchant Accounts

To acquire more knowledge on our tobacco merchant accounts, go through the following types of accounts.

Cigar Merchant Accounts -

A large number of cigar merchants are applying for cigar merchant accounts with Payehub. Most of these entrepreneurs are trying to make the most of the trading relaxations between Cuba and US. Payehub has formed a strong partnership network with some domestic, offshore and international acquiring banks to make things simpler.

Processing Multiple Currencies -

Payehub provides tobacco merchants with merchant accounts that enable them to accept payments in various currencies through online credit cards. Such transactions may involve multiple currencies like the Peso. Tobacco merchants can certainly pull their business to the next higher level once they start availing our offshore banking solutions. Our website allows you to accept payments in all currencies and then convert it to your domestic currency.

We Provide High Risk Solutions -

Payehub takes much pride in its ability to join numerous e-commerce industries at once. We won’t turn down your proposal even if you’re a high risk industry. Irrespective of the risks borne by you, we’re here to provide you with customized solutions. We find our resources from different acquiring banks that have both domestic and offshore branches.

Simple and Free Application -

Our merchant account managers receive information submitted by applicants within minutes. We don’t waste any time in processing your applications and finding the right solutions for you. It will take only about 3 to 4 days before you can accept credit card payments once your account is approved.

Free Integration of Payment Gateway -

No comprehensive payment gateway is needed by cigar merchants for integrating their website, once they apply for tobacco merchant accounts. You’ll be able to accept any payment once your site acquires the free of cost payment gateway from our tech support experts.


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